e transported to Malaysia and join us for a banana leaf party at Ipoh Hawker, Macquarie Park on Sunday 26th November for lunch.

Ipoh Hawker is excited to bring you an exclusive banana leaf rice feast experience. This style of eating is a traditional South Indian way of serving rice, where a variety of dishes are served on a banana leaf. Sangee, our guest chef, (who has also appeared on Adam Liaw’s cooking show) will bring a wealth of expertise to create authentic and flavourful banana leaf dishes. Enjoy the rich variety of curries and condiments crafted with care and love by this talented Malaysian Indian chef.

- Pana Puri (VEG)

- Pappadum
- Rasam
- Saffron Rice
- Fish Curry
- Fried chicken
- Sambal Sotong (Squid)
- Udang Kicap Pekat (caramelized prawns in dark soy sauce)
- Fried bitter gourd
- Stir fried lettuce and carrot
- Dahl
- Lime pickle

- Pulut Hitam (black glutinous rice pudding)

* Receive unlimited saffron rice, lime pickle and gravy.

Kids meal (3-12 years)
1. Hainan chicken rice with either steamed or chicken rice.  $12
2. Fried chicken wings with either steamed or chicken rice.  $12

Adult - $75

Ipoh Hawker Macquarie Park

Lunch Sunday 26th November

Where: Ipoh Hawker Macquarie Park

Don’t miss this memorable and delicious dining experience - we look forward to welcoming you to our 1st Banana Leaf party!

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